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One more time about Lanap

How Does a LANAP Procedure Work?

One more time about Lanap

December, 13
Reading time: 5 min
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How Does a LANAP Procedure Work?

Traditional gum surgery is a thing of the past. With Laser-assisted new attachment procedure (LANAP), your periodontist will use a laser to target and remove diseased tissue. This means that you won’t need to worry about scalpels and painfully removing gum tissue. Instead, LANAP provides a far less invasive procedure with faster recovery times. 

So much better, in fact, you’ll wonder why traditional gum surgery still exists…

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An Overview of the LANAP Procedure

Your healthcare professional will:

  1. Probe your gums to determine the level of treatment needed for each tooth
  2. Use a laser that basically explodes the bad, infection-causing bacteria
  3. Use ultrasonic scalers and other instruments to remove disease-causing tartar
  4. Use the laser again to connect gum tissue back to the root
  5. Grind down part of the tooth service to further prevent the formation of new tartar (occlusal adjustment)

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Myths About LANAP

There are several myths about LANAP that may lead you to be worried or doubting the effectiveness of the treatment. Here they are so you can avoid them:

Myth #1: Any Dentist Can Perform The LANAP Procedure

Only trained, qualified periodontists and dentists can use LANAP lasers on patients. They undergo a year-long, intensive training process that happens at the Institute for Advanced Laser Dentistry. Dentists train other dentists on the procedure with plenty of oversight and rigorous standards. At the end of the training, they receive a LANAP proficiency certificate. 

Myth #2: LANAP Is Expensive

LANAP costs roughly the same as traditional gum surgery (at most, you’ll pay $2650 in most cases). Additionally, the money lost from recovery periods due to traditional gum surgery may make LANAP a more financially reasonable option. 

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Myth #3: Insurance Doesn’t Cover LANAP Procedures

Most insurance carriers will cover LANAP. Still, you’ll need to call your insurance provider and discuss your coverage with them and any deductible. 

Myth #4: Any Laser Can Be Used for LANAP

Different lasers do different things. LANAP uses a very specific laser, the PerioLase MVP-7, to treat gum disease. This laser only targets the diseased gums, destroying the bad bacteria while preserving healthy tissue. No other laser can be used for this procedure.

Myth #5: LANAP is Dangerous

Keep in mind that there are inherent risks in any medical procedure Your healthcare professional will discuss those with you before beginning the surgery so that you’re fully informed. However, LANAP uses an FDA-approved, safe laser that only interacts with harmful bacteria. There’s no risk of radiation or interaction with other medications as well. You may have to take x-rays before the procedure, but the risk is minimal there as well. 

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Is LANAP Right for me?

LANAP offers a simple solution that can naturally restore your gum health providing your gum disease isn’t too far advanced. There are virtually no downsides, and a quick recovery means that you can get back to a healthier, better life quickly. 

There’s no need to suffer through traditional gum surgery. Find a qualified LANAP-trained periodontist and discuss possible treatment as soon as you can. 

How Long Does LANAP Take? 

The procedure takes roughly an hour depending on the extent of the gum disease. Depending on the extent of gum disease, you can complete the procedure in either one or two visits. 

How Long Does It Take to Recover from LANAP? 

Afterward, the patient can go about their day normally with minimal pain. There are no sutures to worry about and no lasting discomfort. In fact, recovery time is around 24 hours, much faster than the 2 – 4 weeks traditional gum surgery takes.