Fixing one's smile starts being a discussion at a very early age. There are always multiple reasons why you may need to go see the orthodontist. From fixing a crossbite, shifting one annoying front tooth, Gaps in between your teeth, medically necessarily. Rest assured you’ll love both our orthodontist with their bubbly personalities. Give us a call and schedule a consultation with either one of them!
  • Metal/Ceramic Braces

    When it comes to metal braces it is one of the most traditional way of moving a patients teeth. They are metal brackets that are placed on all your teeth in order to move them into the correct position. However they are typically used in order to make difficult movements. As an example a supernumerary tooth that would have to come down.

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  • Fixed Wire Retainer

    It is a metal wire that is attached on the backside of your maxillary or mandibular smile line. It is used in order to preserve the orthodontic work that you’ve completed.

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  • Transparent Retainer

    It is a plastic retainer that is used in order to preserve the orthodontic work you’ve had done previously.

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  • Vivera Retainers

    Vivera retainers are a line of retainers that Invisalign provides. It is made out of methylene diphenyl diisocyanate and 1, 6-hexanediol, or Propylene. In simpler terms a more durable than a 3rd party clear retainer.

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  • Invisalign

    Invisalign® is a form of orthodontic treatment that works to correct many different types of malocclusions through the use of a series of clear plastic trays called aligners. In many cases it provides an excellent treatment alternative to having traditional orthodontic braces and metal wires. The advantage and appeal of invisalign appliances is that they are more cosmetic and more comfortable than most other orthodontic appliances. With Invisalign appliances orthodontic treatment is practically “invisible.”

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